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Broad Form Named Driver

Unique Conditions

  • Liability only coverage applies to all private passenger vehicles you own, BUT only while YOU are driving
  • No coverage when¬†someone¬†other than you is driving a motor vehicle owned by you
  • Liablilty coverage apples to any non-owned private passenger vehicle bring driven by you, with the permission of the owner
  • No coverage for physical damage to any motor vehicle driven by you, whether owned or non-owned
  • “You” means only the person named on the declarations page of the policy

Standard Exclusions

  • Coverage is secondary over any other policy covering a non-owned, private passenger vehicle being driven by you
  • No coverage for any motor vehicle when being used for hire
  • No coverage when motor vehicle is being used in any business or commercial occupation
  • No coverage when motor vehicle is being driven in any racing, demolition or stunting contest or activity
  • No coverage for motorcycles, motor scooters or motorized bicycles