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Fall 2018 Commercial Lines Newsletter


September is National Preparedness Month

Natural disasters have been pummeling the nation this summer.

We’ve all watched the news as catastrophic fires have devastated the West
and floods are swamping the East Coast destroying homes and businesses in their path.

Small businesses often are stretched thin with preoccupations of daily operations, customer service and meeting benchmarks. But according to, 25% of small businesses never reopen following a disaster.

As your agents, we encourage you to take some time to assess your readiness to handle a natural disaster or other devastating loss. Below we’ve included informative articles to think about and links to help you plan for potential business interruptions.

When Disaster Strikes
Watching storms like Harvey and Florence wreck coastal cities might make you more than thankful for living in the Midwest. Unfortunately even living in states like Nebraska and Iowa that are far from hurricanes can still produce everything from tornadoes to flash floods. Small businesses need a plan for catastrophic storms, fires, acts of terrorism, and more. While daily operations might be your number one focus, taking time to create a Business Continuity Plan might mean the difference between recovery and ruin.
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Does Your Business Need Flood Insurance? 
Do you know if your commercial insurance covers flooding? How close is your business to a flood zone? While your business may not be located in a flood plain, the closer you are to flood prone areas increases your risk. This link will take you to a map where you can find your company’s proximity to a flood zone if you don’t already know: flood zone map. If you’re concerned you may be at risk, read more via the link below or call your agent to answer questions about water damage and flood insurance.
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5 Things You Should Know About Business Interruption Insurance
Business interruption coverage as the name implies protects your business if a disaster suspends normal operations. Here are 5 things you should know about business interruption insurance:

  1. Business interruption covers lost income and operating expenses.
  2. General liability alone doesn’t cover interruption to business.
  3. Policies can cover contingent losses such as supply chain disruption.
  4. Can pay the costs associated with moving and temporary location rental.
  5. Covers employee wages, tax payments, and loans during the interruption.

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