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Spring 2018 Commercial Lines Newsletter



Spring is all about new beginnings…

We really thought it was never going to come but spring is finally here! Warm days backyard cookouts, baseball, everything is getting green again!

Of course with all of this beautiful weather also comes the potential for strong storms! Be sure to contact your agent if you have coverage questions – it’s what we’re here for! If your business does need to file a claim after hours or on a weekend, you can find a list of our partner companies here: 

In other news, we count on our terrific customers just like you count on us! We’re a small business and understand what it takes to keep a small business going.

We just read that over 40% of small one owner businesses don’t carry insurance to protect their hard earned investment! Turns out a lot of entrepreneurs think they’ll never need insurance, that it’s too expensive, or that it’s a lot of work to get started. We want to prove to them that shopping for insurance doesn’t have to be intimidating and it can be affordable!

That’s where you come in!

As our customers, we hope you’ll like our new Refer a Friend offer.

When you contact Heidi or Connie, our agency’s commercial lines experts, we’ll send out a few referral cards for you to share. Then when you meet with someone you think could use our help and expertise, hand them our card and tell them to give us a call for a free no obligation quote. When they do, we’ll send you both a $5 Amazon Gift Card as a token of our appreciation!

And if you think we are doing a good job, please give us a shout out on social media – we’ll be sure to thank you with a plug for your business on our pages in return!

Over 40% of Small Businesses are Uninsured

According to a recent Next Insurance survey of over 30,000 small business owners, 44% have never had insurance for their businesses. Additionally 21% have had it but let it lapse for more than two months and 13% have been uninsured for less than 2 months.

Research shows that many sole proprietorship’s assume they don’t need to carry insurance or that it’s too expensive. However, when considering the cost of a lawsuit or business interruption in comparison, having the right coverage shouldn’t be overlooked. According to the American Bankruptcy Institute, the number of bankruptcy filings was a whopping 38,000. 

Time for Some Spring Cleaning?

Could your home or office use an overhaul?

Are you bogged down with clutter and stressed out from it?

Don’t have any time to deal with the mess and wish someone could help sort it all out?

Our friend and customer Tascha Renken can help you manage your piles and get your life and your business get organized! Tascha is a professional with over five years of helping customers like you unburden their lives and businesses.

Want to know more? Visit Tascha at Organize Plain and Simple.

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