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Summer 2017 – Commercial Lines

Additional Insured’s: Your Risk & Responsibility

As your agent, we want you to understand your policy from coverage to liability. What is an additional insured? How can additional insured impact your coverage?

A great example of an additional insured would be you, the named insured, hiring a licensed contractor to add an additional space to your office, restaurant, or storefront. Once construction is underway, who carries the liability? If there is an accident or property damage, would the claim go on your policy or the contractor’s? The short answer is: maybe both.

Read this article  from the Insurance Journal online magazine which shares a great narrative to explain the role and responsibility of the additional insured and how it applies to your business.

As always, your agent is your best resource for answering questions about your policy. Please visit us anytime at
Wearable Tech & Workplace Safety
The future has arrived. While we’re probably all familiar with smartphones, smart watches, GPS monitors, and more, are they more than just personal convenience items?

Business Insurance, an online magazine, recently covered the American Society of Safety Engineers Safety 2017 conference in Denver. The construction industry especially is recognizing the possibility of using wearables to measure workplace safety. Everything from tracking employee positioning on a jobsite to looking at data for the purpose of improving organizational behaviors. Read more about this technology here.

Finding the Right Coverage for
Your Small Business

New business owners are often overwhelmed by all of the costs and demands associated with running their operations. As independent agents, we strive to keep our rates as competitive as possible and are pleased to offer our customers a variety of products that will meet their needs.

Have you heard of a BOP? Is a BOP a good fit for your small business insurance needs?

A BOP or Business Owners Policy  is often the right choice for a small business because it packages three policies in one: Property Insurance, Liability Insurance, & Business Interruption Insurance.  If your small business is a sole proprietorship, if you only have a few employees, and if your revenue is less than $5 million annually, you might be a good candidate for a BOP. Be sure to connect with your agent today to see if this type of coverage is the right fit for your small business. While a BOP doesn’t cover everything, it is a good place to start when looking at insuring your new small business.

And as you grow, be sure to notify your agent of additional employees, business assets, and commercial autos so we can continue to help you protect your interests. Know someone who might be looking for insurance or to get a competitive quote? Follow the link to be taken to our contact page.

Hail Storms Cause Record Damage

The June 16th and 29th storms this year have caused record damage. According to estimates provided by the Omaha World Herald, the cost of the hailstorm which pummeled autos and homes throughout the metro could ultimately result in damages upwards of $400 million dollars.

Has your business been impacted by the storm? Are you involved in repairs? Contact your agent at United Insurance Agencies  to report a claim for reputable referrals.

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