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Why Does the Insurance Company Want to Inspect My Home?

Closing on a new home this month? Your carrier may require an inspection on your house before they will issue the policy. This handy infographic explains what insurance companies are looking for when they come out to do a home

CYA with Renters Insurance

We’re talking about covering your assets of course! Renters insurance is one of the cheapest types of coverage you can buy. But there are some important things you should know before you sign on the dotted line. More and more

What Do Licensed, Bonded, & Insured Mean?

Tis the season for furnace break downs, clogged fireplace flues, and frozen pipes! Yes winter is coming and we’re talking about hiring out home repairs. If you need to call on a contractor, plumber, electrician, HVAC repair, or other service

Happy Thanksgiving!

Bagels & Business Networking Event

Are you a small business owner? Looking to figure out how to connect with others and expand your brand? Join us for Bagels & Business on Dec 1st. We’ll provide the space and the nosh, you bring extra business cards

Roadside Assistance & Car Rental

Flat Tire ⋅ Engine Trouble ⋅  Out of Gas ⋅ Lockout ⋅  Car Accident All of these are issues that may require you to call upon your roadside assistance coverage or even get a rental car in some circumstances. If you’ve ever been

Teen Driver Safety Week

This Sunday October 15th kicks off National Teen Driver Safety Week. Do you have a young driver at home? According to the National Highway Traffic Safety Administration, teen drivers are at a greater risk of death from an automobile accident than

10 Reasons Why You Should Have An Umbrella

Are we talking about the weather forecast? Nope! We’re not talking about that kind of umbrella. We’re talking about why you need PERSONAL UMBRELLA LIABILITY. Image Source A personal umbrella policy is protection for you and your assets above and

Why Did My Car Insurance Rates Go Up?!?

Insurance can be confusing for many of us. You may wonder how the cost of your premium is determined or why rates go up if you haven’t had any changes to your policy. Here is a bit of information that

When Should You File A Claim?

Here’s a scenario: you’re driving through your neighborhood when suddenly a little dog darts out into the street. You swerve to avoid Rover causing your tire to hit the curb with a loud thud! Upon inspection you discover the rim