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Fall 2017 – Personal Lines Newsletter

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NHS Walk for the Animals!

Join Ziggy & Bella and the team at United Insurance Agencies for the annual Marge Durham Walk for the Animals! As you probably know, we’re huge dog lovers here at UIA and love to get involved with area rescue services. We’ve been walking in the event for 5 years now, won’t you join us?

Can’t be there in person? Please take a moment to donate to this organization that does so much to help shelter animals in our community.

Click the button to be taken to our team page and help us meet our $500 goal! 


Back-to-School & Driver’s Education

It’s back to school time again! And with the advent of fall comes a crop of new young drivers. If you have a child in your home getting ready to drive, be sure to check out a licensed safety course. We like the National Safety Council.
According to the NSC, new drivers who take driver’s education are nearly 75% less likely to be involved in a deadly accident, and on average only a quarter of the study participants received a traffic ticket. The numbers don’t lie – safety and driver training courses work!

In addition to preparing your child for the rules of the road, most of our companies offer a discount on rated drivers who have completed driver’s education and don’t forget to check and see if your child qualifies for a good student discount as well. While many companies do not require permit-only drivers to be listed on the policy, if your child has a license that allows them to drive alone to school, they will need to be listed as a driver in the household.Please be sure to check with your agent if you have any questions about adding a young driver to your policy.

Click the link below to go to the Nebraska page for the National Safety Council to find a class today.


Life Insurance Awareness Month

September is National Life Insurance month!

According to, 41% of the American population has no life insurance at all yet 29% say they would be impacted by the financial loss if the primary wage earner died. While many people think life insurance is important, they don’t purchase because they are afraid of the cost, never get around to it, or just aren’t sure what to buy and how much.

Life insurance can be used to cover funeral expenses, pay estate taxes, secure a mortgage, to protect the loved ones you leave behind, and even as a way to build wealth!

United Insurance Agencies has been in Omaha for nearly 50 years and we’re a name you can trust. If you’re thinking of buying life insurance but aren’t sure where to start, we’re pleased to answer all of your questions. Contact us today!

For more information about the different types of life insurance and fact about life insurance, click the button below.


End of Summer Home Maintenance

From fresh paint and fall inspired throw pillows to gutter and fireplace cleaning, summer’s end means it’s time to get your home maintenance out of the way.

This article from  has a full list of important reminders including:

  • fixing window and door leaks
  • stock up on firewood
  • air out your heavy winter coats & blankets

Recent Home Updates? Be Sure to Call & Check Your Coverage

Have you recently remodeled a kitchen, replaced the roof, installed a pool or trampoline, or even purchased new art, jewelry, or firearms? It’s important to make sure your current policy covers these changes appropriately. Thank you to our friend Brad Bebermeyer at Nebraska Realty for sharing! Call your agent if you are not sure what changes to your home can impact your policy.


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