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Summer 2018 Personal Lines Newsletter


Please Help Support Project Pink’d, Inc.

On June 18th United Insurance Agencies & Affordable Auto Insurance was proud to sponsor the Pink’d Ribbon Open at The Players Club at Deer Creek.

If you’d like to help support the mission of Project Pink’d, Inc., we’ve partnered with them to make a special donation of $10 for every home and auto or small business quote we prepare in June. Be sure to share this email with your friends and networking partners and help us support this very important cause.

Project Pink’d Inc. is a local charity that helps breast cancer survivors with finding resources and support. Watch their short video for more info:


Project Pink’d, Inc.

New Home Purchase? Know the House History Before You Close.

Maybe you’re just looking or maybe you’ve spotted the perfect home to buy. Before you sign on the dotted line, make sure you know all the facts about it.

A home inspection may reveal any current issues that need to be considered like existing hail damage or a crack in the foundation, but what about the house’s history?

According to the Insurance Information Institute, buyers can request a loss run from the current homeowner to see if the home has had flood, fire, or other types of claims for the last 5 years. This might be useful when purchasing a second home or a rental property to get an idea if the home has sustained any major losses. Want to know more about it? Click the link to read the full article.

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Want the Best Rates on Car Insurance?

Ever wonder how your auto rates are calculated? This handy infographic from the Insurance Information Institute breaks down the factors that go into figuring your premium rates.


We recommend checking your coverage annually to make sure you’re rates are based on the most current information. Also, it’s always a good idea to check and see your getting all of the possible discounts. Don’t overlook paperless options and auto bill pay which can mean significant savings over paper bills.

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Don’t Get Scammed

With recent hail storms and some people still working on getting their roofs replaced from last year’s whammy, the fly-by-night roofing companies are back in town this summer. When you see your neighbor’s houses getting work done, most of us want to get those claims filed quickly and get work started as soon as possible.You may even get a call or a knock on your door with a solicitation to do a free inspection.

Hold on, not so fast! Before you sign any agreements, be sure you know who is doing the work.
Contact us for a list of reputable and most importantly, local contractors who are properly licensed and bonded to do the work. It’s your responsibility to make sure you check on the company you hire, so  ask to see their Nebraska or Iowa license before they start working. Not sure what all you need to know? Click the link for more information including resources for the state agencies.

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