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Teen Driver Safety Week

This Sunday October 15th kicks off National Teen Driver Safety Week.

Do you have a young driver at home?

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According to the National Highway Traffic Safety Administration, teen drivers are at a greater risk of death from an automobile accident than any other cause.

This week is all about teen driver safety and what you can do to help your child make smart choices on the road. Here are some tips and statistics for you and your young driver.

  • Kids are more likely to follow your lead.  Make a rule that everyone in the car wears their seat belt, including backseat passengers and especially you!

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  • Slow Down! Encourage kids to obey speed limits to avoid crashes and speeding tickets which can raise your premiums.

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  • Got Tech?  If you have the means, some auto makers are now offering cars with parental control options such as speed and radio volume limiters giving you extra safety measures for your young driver.

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  • Grades Matter! Many auto insurance carriers offer policy discounts for young drivers with good grades, typically B-average or better. Have them take a certified safety course too which can also offer a discount with some companies.
  • Know What to Do in Case of An Accident or Roadside Emergency.

Make sure your teen driver knows what to do and who to call if there is an accident or a breakdown.

Talk to them about how to exchange information with the other driver or in case of a breakdown or flat tire, what numbers to call for roadside assistance. Consider adding a AAA Membership which follows the member, not the car. Even if your child is away at school or in another vehicle, they are still eligible for roadside assistance with AAA.

And finally, be sure to contact your agent about adding your teenager onto your policy!


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