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Tips for Parents of New Drivers

Getting a license is an important milestone for teens and parents, but it can also bring risks to beginning drivers. During the first months of having a drivers license, teens have a higher risk of crashing due to inexperience and immaturity.

Did you know? Crashes are the leading cause of death among American teens, accounting for nearly a third of all deaths of 16-19 year-olds. This is according to the “Beginning Teenage Drivers” brochure available on our Helpful Links page.

What can parents do to lessen the risk for their child?

Parents can establish effective rules such as:

  • Don’t rely solely on driver education
  • Know the law
  • Restrict night driving
  • Restrict passengers
  • Supervise practice driving
  • Require safety belt use
  • Prohibit driving after drinking alcohol
  • Consider a monitoring device
  • Choose vehicles with safety in mind
  • Be a role model

New drivers learn a lot by example, so it’s important that parents practice safe driving and teach their children to do the same.

UIA offers driver’s training and good student discounts. Contact us to find out what options are available for your teen driver today! You can also contact us for a rate comparison on their auto insurance.

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Thank for your tips..this is really helpful for anyone who want’s to seek out about this topic.

Thanks again.

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state farm philadelphia says:

What a nice and useful post! I’d definitely share this to every parent I know. We can all avoid accidents if we practice safe driving and parents play a big role in guiding their teens. Thanks for a great read!

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